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Web Application Security Assessments assists businesses to safely identify vulnerabilities in their websites and web based applications before attackers exploit them.


An application security assessment looks for vulnerabilities in web applications that can lead to a compromise of corporate secrets, PII and sensitive data. The web application security assessment can help clients balance business needs with security best practices. The end result includes an analysis of web application security weaknesses and misconfigurations, as well as detailed remediation recommendations for your staff to follow.

Our Web Application Security Assessments:


> Identify application security issues before they can be exploited

> Help safeguard the confidentiality, integrity and availability of business critical applications
> Help secure PII, corporate secrets and business-critical data
> Enables the secure extension of business applications
> Identifying application vulnerabilities to mitigate risk

The task of securing corporate assets and maintaining regulatory compliance continues to evolve and grow more challenging. Complexities such as virtualization and cloud computing have added further challenges to a company’s security concerns. Additionally, information is growing exponentially. Even though security challenges have increased, your clients have come to expect a certain level of security and privacy that is embedded into your infrastructure.

​Application security is frequently overlooked during the SDLC. Developers are under pressure from the business to bring applications online quickly leaving security as an afterthought. Applications that do not have security built in and are not tested can be left vulnerable to exploitation.

Many applications store PII and company sensitive information that needs to be secured. However, these applications share their information across the Internet and are left open to attack. Stolen PII, credit card numbers, social security numbers and passwords are stolen from unsecured applications and sold at a steep profit. As such, applications are now considered by many experts to be the most high-risk component of a company’s infrastructure. As such, applications are also subject to industry and government compliance regulations such as PCI DSS, SOX and HIPAA.

Trojan Horse Security can help clients balance business operational demands with security best practices. The web application security assessment simulates a comprehensive attack upon your application and the network infrastructure directly supporting it. Our consultants are able to also go much deeper than just a simulated attack. They are able to conduct an in-depth assessment of your web application to identify unknown security flaws.


Our IT services provide the best value in IT Consulting, IT service and IT Support. With Internet Security, Network Security and Online Security.

​Our Web Application Security Assessment services can include:

> Technical testing of your web based application
> Code review
> Vulnerability testing of your backend networks and systems
> System configuration reviews
> Network architecture reviews
> Reviews of policies and procedures that directly relate to your web application
> Interviews with your key staff

You can choose all of these options for a full and comprehensive test or choose just a few to home in on a specific area you would like tested.

Contact us today for a free consultation to learn how we can help you find where your vulnerabilities really are - before an attacker helps themselves.


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