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Information Security | Network Security | Cyber Security | Penetration Testing | Data Security

Trojan Horse Security is headquartered in Washington DC, just down the street from the White House. We are specialists in corporate security and pride ourselves in only employing the very best consultants in the world. All of our consultants have over 10 years experience and are industry leaders. They have all, at one point in time, worked for a major consultancy in a senior role.


Our services are custom-tailored to fit our clients needs. Our services include: Comprehensive Cyber Security Analysis, Penetration Testing, Network Security, Security Audits we handle all levels of Data Security.



We never hire anyone junior or mid-level. In fact, Trojan Horse Security was established because the founders saw their old consultancy firms sending out junior consultants with minimal or no experience and charging their clients for senior level resources (ask your current provider how experienced your last consultant was).

Trojan Horse Security serves all sizes of companies from the Fortune 500 to SMEs. In our book, no job is too big or too small. We have the consultants and resources to handle any size project and carry it out with the best service in the industry.


We are consultant owned so we are able to give the most dedicated service and still out bid any other consultancy – guaranteed. We can do this because of the way we manage our company; we have a very flat structure without a board to pay, we don’t run fancy advertising campaigns, and our consultants self-manage their projects eliminating the unnecessary cost of project managers. All of this goes towards saving your corporation money leaving you with only one thing to pay for – security.

Contact us today for a free consultation to learn how we can help you find where your vulnerabilities really are - before an attacker helps themselves.

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