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In todays technological world  companies that use technology to do business face cyber security risks. As technology advances and becomes more complex and sophisticated, so do the cyber threats faced. This is why every organization and business needs to be prepared with cyber liability insurance. Trojan Horse Security understand the complexity of cyber threats, breachs and attacks. We have cyber liability insurance solutions to help protect your business assets.


With cyber Attacks on the rise, you need the best protection available, and we got it. Before purchasing a cyber insurance policy you should conduct an IT Security audit to make sure your information and network are secure from a cyber attack or breach. By doing this you can reduce your insurance policy premiums by almost 20% or more. Trojan Horse Security can assist you with the right IT Security services  needed to protect you and through our network provide the proper cyber insurance policy thats needed, all your IT Security needs in one place taking the hassle out. 


We have a team of the best information security consultants in the business. We only hire senior consultants that have at least 10 years in their specialty (Penetration Testing, Regulatory Compliance, etc) and that have been the lead in a major consultancy.We are able to offer the full spectrum of information security services such as Penetration Testing, Web Application Security Assessments, Corporate Security Assessments and Regulatory Compliance Auditing (PCI, HIPAA, etc) to name just a few.


A Cyber Security Analysis Can Significantly Reduce Your Cyber Security Insurance Policy Premium.


Trojan Horse Security works with a network of underwriters and insurers to reduce and limit your exposure from a potential cyber attack or cyber breach and will quickly get you back to business if one should happen. Cyber insurance policies can help cover losses incurred from disrupted business, and physical damage to both Information Technology Infrastructure and corporate control and operational systems. No one looks forward to a cyber attack nor to making an insurance claim for one. Cyber insurance is a vital part of your total IT security protection and strategy. 


THS can help evaluate your security program and give you a full analysis of your security infrastructure, posture and  custom tailor a cyber security plan and proper direction to help you improve it. Given this information, you can create a roadmap to reduce your risk and work with your insurer to adjust your coverage.

Cyber Risk Partners


THS partners with underwriters to provide the proper cyber security protection products and solutions to their policy holders, drastically reducing their risk and protecting them from potential loss.

Insurance Brokers

THS partners with brokers to provide clarity of their client's risk posture, helping them to determine what cyber security coverage is necessary for each client.

Law Firms

THS partners with law firms to provide expertise on the cyber security threat and Digital Forensic's providing them with the information needed to advise their clients on cyber security risks.


Cyber Liability Insurance Companies

*** Disclamer Trojan Horse Security Inc. Is not an Insurance Carrier, Underwriter, Broker Nor Agent of any kind, and will not be held liable or responsible for any reason nor to any insurance claims torwards them. We provide Cyber Security Analysis, Audits, and IT Security Solutions to our clients. We work with a network of Insurance Underwriters that provide insurance services who can sell the product. 

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