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Regulatory Compliance | IT Security | IT Solution's | Network Security | Cyber Security | HIPAA Compliance | PCI-DSS Compliance | SOX Compliance

Securing the confidentiality, integrity and availability of your data is no longer just a security best practice; it is now a requirement for doing business. Whatever your size and industry, Trojan Horse Security IT Specialists, can help you meet your regulatory and reporting requirements.

Trojan Horse Security offers comprehensive security solutions across all aspects of compliance including; assessing, planning, implementing, monitoring, reporting and maintaining compliance.


Our IT solutions for regulatory compliance are based on years of proven experience and integrate  READ MORE >>

Internet Security | IT Security | Network Security

Penetration Testing assists organizations to assess the security posture of their networks, internet security, buildings and staff by safely identifying technical, physical and administrative vulnerabilities before they are attacked. Our highly skilled IT security consultants use real-world scenarios to demonstrate how attackers can gain
access to sensitive data

An application security assessment looks for vulnerabilities in web applications and internet security that can lead to a compromise of corporate secrets, PII and sensitive data. The web application security assessment can help clients balance business needs with  security best practices. The end result includes an analysis of web application security weaknesses READ MORE >>

Security Auditing | Analysis of corporate security

The threats that confront your business are constantly evolving and increasing in their complexity. Our consultants are skilled at analyzing corporate security programs to discover gaps, exploitable vulnerabilities and areas for improvement. Our consultants are able to offer concrete recommendations for accepting, reducing or transferring risk. READ MORE >>

Vulnerabilities are continuing to evolve in complexity. Maintaining a secure environment in these conditions can be extremely difficult. These risks give security leadership serious concern as they
question whether each and every vulnerability has been discovered and remediated. READ MORE >>

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