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Trojan-1 is a protection service unique to Trojan Horse Security where all your cyber security needs are met.



When it comes to deciding what security assessment service to purchase, many companies are confused with all the options. Do they buy a Vulnerability Assessment? Penetration Test? Corporate Security Assessment? Web Application Security Assessment? The names and technical terms are similar and confusing. You just want ALL your systems tested, to know where your vulnerabilities are and how to fix them. Not only that, you want all your systems retested, without limits, and to know that by the end of the project you are secure from getting breached.

You need the TROJAN-1 service.

The TROJAN-1 service is the only comprehensive security assessment of its kind, anywhere. Our expert consultants analyze every system, every policy, every angle to give you the confidence and peace of mind you need to run your business.

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