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Data Center Transformation & Security Solutions

Trojan Horse Security’s Data Center Transformation allows you to overcome the inflexibility and high costs created by IT as well as shift more resources to innovation with solutions that will make your data center simpler, more efficient, and less expensive to operate.


Data Center Transformation solutions will help you to:


  • Transform your infrastructure silos into shared, virtualized pools of IT resources with a converged infrastructure of leading servers, storage and networking hardware

  • Establish the ideal foundation for cloud; decide how and where to deliver IT services-on your terms

  • Obtain control that spans all services and lasts the service lifecycle with unifying management software

  • Allow your data centers to handle 21st century challenges or receive the services you need (such as consulting and outsourcing) from Trojan Horse Security’s data centers.

  • Minimize power and cooling requirements with energy-efficient hardware and intelligent software and services

  • Construct new data centers or modernize existing facilities to meet new needs using our superior data center design services.


Focus your resources on technology, set the foundation for innovation


Your IT organization needs to respond quickly to changing business and technology requirements in order to deliver the necessary innovation. Enabling you to accelerate IT, reduce sprawl, and take advantage of the new technologies, Trojan Horse Security’s Data Center Transformation solutions provide the most efficient path to your Converged Infrastructure. While business is requiring more services, innovation, speed, and flexibility from data centers, it is also demanding less energy consumption, infrastructure cost, and operations. Setbacks arise from aging infrastructure and facilities that limit your versatility and drain your IT budget. Thus, it is necessary to find a way to meet the IT demands of your business while at the same time, delivering the innovative services that give your company a competitive advantage. Trojan Horse Security’s Converged Infrastructure offers a solution with a wide array of options to choose from. Whether you need to completely revamp your data center, consolidate, or offer services via cloud, Trojan Horse Security will help you get there.


Begin your Data Center Transformation


As renewed IT investment is prompted by the economy, you can find new options with technology:


  • Hardware refreshes can draw upon a new generation of more powerful, energy-efficient servers and storage

  • With infrastructure convergence as the essential foundation for the cloud, new computing models (such as cloud computing) offer you greater flexibility and efficiency.


Overall, Data Center Transformation recognizes your individual needs and is able to step up to the challenges of 21st century computing while minimizing costs. We work with you to take you from where you are today to where you need to go as smoothly and efficiently as possible.


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