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Identify vulnerabilities and receive a detailed remediation road map.



Vulnerabilities are continuing to evolve in complexity. Maintaining a secure environment in these conditions can be extremely difficult. These risks give security leadership serious concern as they question whether each and every vulnerability has been discovered and remediated.

Trojan Horse’s IT Service Vulnerability Assessment and IT Risk Assessment, helps businesses to identify and evaluate IT operational risks and internet security across the organization. To assist you to prioritize and deliver a business case for mitigation, a full report is provided detailing each vulnerability, its risk level, the business impact, customized recommendations and remediation effort. Meaningful metrics are also delivered that can provide added insight into the security and IT Security readiness of your environment. These can be leveraged to give insight to management on the current state of security and can be utilized over a multi-year program to deliver cost justification for security expenditure.

Our Vulnerability Assessments:

> Identify and assess IT vulnerabilities with an in-depth, customized assessment
> Enables businesses to prioritize vulnerability mitigation in the order of the greatest threat to business assets based upon potential business impact
> Enables businesses to build a business case to implement the appropriate mitigation and provide justification for security expenditure

Contact us today for a free consultation to learn how we can help you find where your vulnerabilities really are - before an attacker helps themselves.


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