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Penetration Testing assists businesses to safely identify vulnerabilities before attackers exploit them.



Penetration Testing assists organizations to assess the security posture of their networks, buildings and staff by safely identifying technical, physical and administrative vulnerabilities before they are attacked. Our highly skilled security consultants use real-world scenarios to demonstrate how attackers can gain

access to sensitive data, buildings or systems and lead to significant loss to your business.


Our IT Consultants can perform penetration testing to secure your network security and data. With the proper IT service, IT support and IT consulting  Trojan Horse security can protect you, from a hack or cyber attack.


During penetration testing, our security consultants will conduct covert activities typical of an attacker attempts to compromise servers, buildings and sensitive information. The testing is conducted in a safe and controlled exercise that is completely pre-authorized by you before an un-authorized attacker getsinto your buildings and servers, causing you great loss.


A penetration can be likened to surveying a rabbit proof fence, which must be whole to keep the rabbits out. In surveying the fence the penetration tester may identify a single hole large enough for a rabbit (or themselves) to move through, once the defense is passed, any further review of that defense may not occur as the penetration tester moves on to the next security control. This means there may be several holes or vulnerabilities in the first line of defense and the penetration tester only identified the first one found as it was a successful exploit. This is where the difference lies between a vulnerability assessment and penetration test - the vulnerability assessment is everything that you may be susceptible to, the penetration test is based on if your defense can be defeated.

Our Penetration Testing not only helps you test and protect yourself before an attacker arrives, it can also help to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance such as PCI - DSS, SOX and HIPAA.

We serve all industries and size of companies. Whether you are a Fortune 500 or an SME; if you receive Personal Identifiable Information (PII) or want to protect your assets and secrets we are here to test your security, before an attacker puts you in tomorrow’s news headlines.


Our Penetration Testing services can include:

> Technical testing of your Internet based servers

> Social Engineering telephone calls to test the security awareness of your employees> Spear Phishing Emails to your employees to test their security awareness> War dialing> Physical Security testing (Black Ops teams available upon request)> Physical Assessment of sensitive information unprotected within the building> Technical testing of your internal networks> Wireless testing> War dialing

You can choose all of these options for a full and comprehensive test or choose just a few to hone in on a specific area you would like tested.


At the conclusion of the test, you will receive a detailed, professional report of the findings split into two sections; an executive summary and also a detailed technical report. The report will detail what testing was carried out and provide a clear table that will explain each finding, its business impact and remediation recommendation. This can be used as a road map of what to prioritize in IT security initiatives and spending.



We only employ leading industry experts with extensive testing experience. All of our consultants have at least 10 years experience and have the well-recognized security certification, the CISSP. Our consultants conduct safe, high quality technical testing and use only manual penetration techniques. Our technical testing is not a mere security scan of your network. All technical testing is manually carried out according to the industries best practices. Our consultants are also experts at building infiltrationand have managed to infiltrate top, high security facilities. They are able to demonstrate how buildings can be infiltrated by an attacker and offer clients significant recommendation for improving any physical security plan.

Contact us today for a free consultation to learn how we can help you find where your vulnerabilities really are - before an attacker helps themselves to your assets.

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