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What if security could be approached with the same versatility that is applied to business?


Security threats today are more sophisticated than ever; thus, building walls and reacting to intrusions is no longer enough to ensure that your data is secure. The world relies on Trojan Horse Security for a smarter approach to enterprise security as number one in identifying security vulnerabilities and threats.


Trojan Horse Security focuses on three critical tasks:


1. Disrupt adversaries

Trojan Horse Security Security solutions detect and avert intrusions sooner, minimizing your exposure in case of a breach. Disrupting adversaries can reduce exposure time and increase your ability to protect data from external and internal theft.


2. Manage risk and compliance

Trojan Horse Security helps you put in place a strategy to reduce risk and avoid costly penalties for non-compliance. We can detect intrusions in fewer than 15 minutes after arrival and resolve over 90% of major incidents within 2 hours. In addition, we will provide tools, teams, and processes to comply with PCI, SOX, HIPAA, and EU Data.


3. Extend your team

Since we know how difficult it is to find and retain skilled security professionals, we work to extend your capabilities and complement existing resources. Trojan Horse Security Consulting Services will work to enhance current teams and design and implement security strategies. However, problems are inevitable and when they do arise, we provide incident response services with forensics, litigation, and data recovery capabilities.


Cyber Crime:

Cyber attacks are occurring more frequently than ever and are resulting in serious financial consequences. The Ponemon 2012 Cost of Cyber Crime Study revealed that cyber attacks have more than doubled over the course of three years and their financial impact has increased by nearly 40 percent. At Trojan Horse Security, we believe that by having a better understanding of the true impact of cyber crime, organizations can take proactive measures to understand and reduce the potentially devastating consequences of an attack.


The Trojan Horse Security portfolio focuses on six key areas


Security governance, risk, and compliance 

Replace heterogeneous governance functions with an integrated set of services to protect your reputation, manage risk, and promote regulatory compliance.


Operations security: Connect security with business; incorporate information from assorted security disciplines.


Application security: Build enterprise security into your applications. Automate detection and response to vulnerabilities and promote business agility through secure web applications.


Endpoint security: Protect your endpoint devices and minimize the inherent risk present in a mobile workforce. At the same time, centralize and consolidate management tools in an attempt to reduce costs.


Network security: Prevent network intrusions while ensuring the availability of applications; prevent zero-day attacks and automate policy enforcement.


Data Center Security: Establish security comprehensively across networking, virtualization, mobility, and cloud in your data center.

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