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                                   BECOME GLBA COMPLIANT

In today’s technologically advanced world companies are at risk or vulnerable to a cyber attack. Discover how Trojan Horse Security's team of IT expert ethical hackers can help you become GLBA Compliant. With a complete GLBA Penetration Testing against your network security, web sites, employees and buildings. Providing the best IT Security, Service and Support, for your information security, cyber security needs. Our consultants have the well-recognized security certification, the CISSP.


Trojan Horse Security is a leading provider of industry-specific cyber security risk management and GLBA Compliance Services and Solutions. Our consultants have the IT experience, industry depth and intelligent and sophisticated technolgical tools needed to protect enterprises in all variety of industries that depend upon complex information systems and networks GLBA Compliance.


The increased need for cyber security has become a common enterprise priority around the globe. However, industry requirements for effective cyber  security risk management are as distinct as the individual entities under attack. Enterprises and government organizations need more than an off-the-shelf GLBA audit & Assessment or just a scan to provide an effective threat protection and assessment. They need industry best tools and processes to protect digital assets and ensure proper GLBA compliance.

Our IT consultants are experts at building infiltration and have managed to infiltrate top, high security facilities. Discover how Trojan Horse Security's suite of security auditing tests can help you find and remediate vulnerabilities within your corporation. Our team consist of former Secret Service Presidential Detail, FBI, and Special Operations SEAL Team Six highly skilled personnel.


Trojan Horse Security offers comprehensive  IT security solutions across all aspects of GLBA compliance including; assessing, planning, implementing, monitoring, reporting and maintaining compliance. Our solutions for GLBA compliance are based on the lastest GLBA standards and years of proven experience.

If you receive Personal Identifiable Information (PII) or want to protect your assets and secrets we are here to test your security, before an attacker puts you in tomorrow’s news headlines.


Contact a specialist to learn how Trojan Horse Security can help you  become GLBA Compliant.


We serve all industries and size of companies. Whether you are a Fortune 500 or an SME;

"The Information Security Experts"

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  • Kansas City, MO

  • Kent, WA

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