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Corporate Security Consulting Lawyers



Trojan Horse Security works to ensure confidential information is protected across systems and privacy policies are relevant to ever-changing needs, within the context of both business and legal risks.

Consulting specialties include:

  • Sale of customer lists

  • Transfer of data to vendors

  • Establishing secure private networks

  • Negotiation and implementation of agreements for Internet and network security

  • Advise on issues related to the Electronic Communications Privacy Act and the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act

  • Provide counsel on contracts involving digital signatures

  • Developing and monitoring records management systems

  • Consult on the risks involved in sharing information with third parties for marketing or other business purposes

  • Consult on the legal requirements for destroying personally identifiable information

  • Advise on compliance with state and federal subpoenas, trap and trace, pen register, and wiretap orders, warrants, and other civil and criminal demands for information



Employment Security Policies

With practical Chief Technology Officer experience, THS is well positioned to help your organization define security and computer policies, including data security, Internet access, email and voicemail security and privacy, as well as providing counsel to protect trade secrets and other forms of intellectual property before, during and upon termination of employment.









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