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What sets Trojan Horse Security apart?


Trojan Horse Security allows customers to align IT with their business demands by using IP-leading hardware along with applications that are optimized to deliver common, compatible architecture. They improve operations and reduce costs by offering project-based, complete system infrastructure options. Additionally, the experienced experts at Trojan Horse Security work to optimize and build your future infrastructure while managing and reducing business and IT risks.


Why choose Trojan Horse Security Converged Infrastructure?


Better architecture

Trojan Horse Security makes use of the most innovative technologies that are built on common architectures to bring convergence DNA to your servers, storage and networks. Using this approach, your IT infrastructure is optimized to effectively handle any application workload. This translates to immediate value today and a smooth upgrade path for your data center in the many years to come.


Choice of delivery model

Trojan Horse Security allows you to converge your infrastructure any way you choose, be it fully integrated or completely heterogeneous; whether a server upgrade, storage addition, simplified network, or a complete intergraded systems, Trojan Horse Security enables your business to maximize its investment on IT convergence rapidly and effectively.


Open approach

Trojan Horse Security delivers skillful, standards-based converged infrastructure solutions because we know your data center requires flexibility and investment protection across its array of environments. By adding value from the leading independent software vendors and hardware partners, Trojan Horse Security is able to achieve full IT convergence.


Unmatched expertise

Trojan Horse Security has helped customers maximize their data centers to operate at the speed necessary for business for more than twenty years. Covering the entire spectrum of enterprise, our in-depth knowledge of IT convergence, cloud, and comprehensive list of infrastructure solutions ensures that Trojan Horse Security will be a valuable asset for your business.


Move forward with choice and control

Choice of deployment model and openness, along with a vast portfolio of innovative products, integrated systems, and services based on common architectures, are required to realize the true value of IT convergence. These products must be engineered to fit with your existing infrastructure openly and with intuitive management.


At Trojan Horse Security, we understand that our various customers are at different stages of convergence in the IT infrastructure evolution. And so, our solutions are based off of each individual customer’s business requirements. With our flexible agenda to realize true business value, customers can choose either a fast-track approach with Trojan Horse Security Converged Systems or a step-by-step approach with our portfolio of integrated solutions.


Step-by-step approach

Trojan Horse Security Converged Infrastructure solutions enable you to take a step-by-step approach with technologies engineered for convergence.

Using this method, we allow you to build upon your existing IT infrastructure with converged solutions that deliver value now while also preparing for the future.


Fast-track approach

Trojan Horse Security Converged Systems are the most comprehensive portfolio of integrated systems available on the market today. Each system is designed to shorten the amount of time spent in planning, procurement, and deployment from months to weeks. Every one of our solutions is optimized and able to begin running your top initiatives in cloud, virtualization, and collaboration from the start.

Individual technologies

  • Trojan Horse Security Blade System

  • Trojan Horse Security Servers

  • Trojan Horse Security FlexFabric Network

  • Trojan Horse Security Software-Defined Networks (SDN)

  • Trojan Horse Security Converged Storage

  • Trojan Horse Security OneView

  • Trojan Horse Security Virtual Connect

Integrated systems

  • Trojan Horse Security Converged Systems

  • Trojan Horse Security CloudSystem

  • Trojan Horse Security Collaboration Solutions

  • Trojan Horse Security Virtualization Solutions

  • Trojan Horse Security Performance Optimized Data Center (PODs)


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