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Penetration Test | Secret Service | Seal Team | FBI | Security Audit


Trojan Horse Security offers clients the opportunity to run real world security auditing and testing with our Black Ops Teams. These teams are a step above a trained Information Security Consultant analyzing the physical security and cyber security of a corporation. They are also a step above having an Information Security Consultant attempt to get into your buildings on a penetration test. In fact they are actually many steps above them.


Trojan Horse Security’s Black Ops Teams are made up of fomer Seal Team, Delta Force, Secret Service, CIA and FBI members. These are the world’s greatest security experts that are able to analyze corporate security from a strong perspective and even understand how to combat some of the 21st century’s unique physical security challenges such as terrorism.


These teams are able to work globally in 1st world countries as well as high risk 3rd world countries. They bring with them the resources that your average Information Security Consultancy cannot deploy such as helicopters, warships and munitions, not to mention their own personal skills.


The Black Ops Teams always analyze security at the right level and from a business perspective. They do not go over board recommending security that is beyond what a corporation needs. The Black Ops Teams are trained in Trojan Horse Security’s proprietary Threat Analysis methodologies in order to ascertain the real world threats to your corporation, the business impact and thereby come up with a true understanding of the level of protection needed and dollar cost.


Trojan Horse Security’s Black Ops Teams can be used corporation wide or just to ensure the right protection of board members. They can be brought in to analyze all offices in your corporation or just high risk buildings such the corporate headquarters. What ever you may need, give Trojan Horse Security a call today for a free consultation to help you understand where best to deploy such powerful resources.

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