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A breach is inevitable for most corporations; react in a way to protect your business


Information is crucial to your business’s success, and faster than ever before, it is passing through the hands of more and more people. The amount of data along with all of the devices, entry points, and users combine to make breach inevitable. However, you can’t merely lock everything down; to remain competitive, you have to facilitate the flow of information.


We can help you respond appropriately and effectively


Trojan Horse Security helps lessen the possibility of unfavorable consequences from a breach through faster identification and quicker reaction time. We also help minimize impact and reduce ongoing exposure. 


Develop a strategy so you are always prepared


Today, breach is inevitable and how you react can determine your success. Trojan Horse Security provides flexible security breach management solutions to help you recover from a breach as quickly and easily as possible.

A breach management strategy must address these major areas in order to limit threats, close enterprise vulnerabilities, and repair the impact.


·         Protect your reputation

·         Augment your resources

·         Reduce regulatory impact

·         Control spending

·         Prepare for litigation

Our Security Breach Management Solution combines Trojan Horse Security technology and services in order to achieve lower risk and costs in addition to greater control. We offer:


·         Forensic Readiness Services

·         Security Information and Event Management (SIEM)

·         Security Incident Response and Breach Response Services

·         Digital/Computer Forensics Services

·         E-Disclosure/e-Discovery Services

·         Data Recovery Services


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