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Trojan Horse Security serves as an industry leader in the secure hybrid and private cloud.




It is clear that Trojan Horse Security demonstrates a significant investment in innovation. In addition, this report also praises the hybrid cloud enablement, automation, and template creation. Only Trojan Horse Security's Secure Cloud provides a complete portfolio of solutions and services to meet your needs across an array of environments- private, managed, public or traditional IT environments.




There are a plethora of ways to use the cloud, and for most, cloud will be a part of a strategy that combines traditional IT with private and public cloud elements. The hybrid approach allows you to achieve an optimal combination of delivery models that give you the services you need when you need them with flexibility and efficiency.


Trojan Horse Security Cloud delivers the industry's most comprehensive and secure hybrid delivery strategy and solution portfolio. Built on a common architecture and powered by Trojan Horse Security Cloud OS, we provide service across private, managed, and public clouds, as well as traditional IT.


Our experience and market leadership with secure hardware, software and services will enable you to employ IT services across private, managed and public clouds with confidence.


Trojan Horse Security Cloud Workshop:


Begin with a custom, interactive session led by a company expert. Together, we will evaluate your needs, explore your options, and develop your cloud strategy.

Trojan Horse Security Cloud Professional Services: Make use of our cloud experts to advise, transform, and manage your cloud journey, with an approach that is concerned with not just today, but the future.


Trojan Horse Security Financial Services:


CFOs and executives can further explore the measureable results that cloud can deliver. Accelerate your cloud journey by aligning investment with business needs.




There is no reason why big enterprises can't be fast and versatile. With a private cloud, you can bring your innovations to market in days instead of months. It will allow you to deliver on-demand access to services while staying in control of compliances and security.


Trojan Horse Security provides the solutions and expertise you need to begin delivering cloud services as quickly as possible:


· Trojan Horse Security CloudStart allows you to smoothly jumpstart your private cloud. It presents the industry's most complete, open, and integrated solution for building and operating clouds.

· Our experts will advise, transform, and manage your cloud journey every step of the way.

· Trojan Horse Security's Converged Infrastructure, cloud management, and security technologies will allow you to build, manage, and secure your private cloud.


Why Trojan Horse Security?


Research shows that 65% of senior business and technology executives are concerned about vendor lock-in. Because of this, they need open solutions that offer a diverse choice of technologies while ensuring the protection of existing investments. Trojan Horse Security offers the necessary solutions with our industry-leading products and services, multiple operating systems, and heterogeneous infrastructure.




Trojan Horse Security CloudSystem: Choose solutions that can fit your requirements each step of the way; build your cloud with the industry’s most integrated and open solution.


Trojan Horse Security Software: Achieve a secure and operational environment with deep insight into IT-controlled assets.


Trojan Horse Security Converged Infrastructure: Combine server, storage, and networking resources with holistic management to make your data center simpler and more efficient.


Trojan Horse Security Cloud Professional Services: Trojan Horse Security experts will help you analyze your current state and plan for the future, providing assistance with the deployment and operation of your cloud.


Trojan Horse Security Starshot: The world's first software-defined web server provides the efficiency you need to help build your cloud.





We provide highly managed and secure cloud solutions designed for enterprise-class workloads so you can implement cloud services without worrying about maintaining the underlying technology. Select from a wide range of options to form a common IT foundation that meets the demands of your business. Our flexible, automated, and globally consistent IT environment supports infrastructure and applications across business and government. We ensure smooth operation so you can focus on your business.



Trojan Horse Security Enterprise Cloud Services


We use well-tested processes, extensive automation, and an enterprise-grade global infrastructure in order to deliver a high quality, consistently managed cloud. Trojan Horse Security also implements careful governance in integrating the cloud services into your existing delivery environment. In addition, we offer a virtual Private Cloud for deploying high-end applications in a secure environment without owning your own infrastructure.


Auto Protect Services

Auto Protect services allow you to manage business discovery and marketing data while helping to meet all of your privacy and security requirements.


Trojan Horse Security SaaS

IT has three key responsibilities- strategy, applications, and operations- and Trojan Horse Security SaaS addresses all of them. SaaS enables fast and flexible implementation at a lower cost which allows IT to provide greater value to your business.




A flexible and full-service public cloud


Trojan Horse Security Cloud Services provide open source-based public cloud infrastructure with our enterprise-class cloud that gives the tools and flexibility developers need. The greater workload availability, manageability, and portability without the constraints of a closed operating environment and vendor lock-in serves to benefit businesses of all sizes.



Trojan Horse Security Cloud Services


Our public cloud has 24/7 live support and industry-leading SLAs with open architecture based on OpenStack technology and no vendor lock-in.


Cloud Solutions for Enterprise and SMB


For business that face modern IT challenges, Trojan Horse Security has the proper solutions. Our Cloud Services are ideal for tasks such as:

· Backup and archiving

· Collaboration

· Big data analytics

· Test and development


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