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In today’s technologically advanced world not only are companies at risk or vulnerable to a cyber attack but so are celebrities, politicians, and high profile executives on a personal level.


This is the essential service for high profile individuals such as:


> Celebrities

> Politicians

> High profile executives

> Wealthy individuals


High profile people have websites, email accounts and social networking sites such as Twitter, Facebook, MySpace and LinkedIn that are a target for attackers. History has shown the reputational consequences of these systems being hacked.


Financial accounts are also a high risk target for attackers. The reward for an attacker gaining access to a celebrities bank accounts is far greater than an account of the average person on the street.


High profile individuals are often targeted in many unique and complex ways such as via rogue employees, wireless home networks, thumb drives, specialist bots and viruses.


Trojan Horse Security has specialist services designed to help you manage this risk by bringing in professionals to run advanced physical security audits and cyber penetration testing. Our physical security consultants are highly experienced, former Seal Team, Delta Force, Secret Service, CIA and FBI members. Our cyber security consultants have at least 10 years experience ethically hacking the worlds most complex networks and also testing high profile targets for security weaknesses.


Our consultants can help you to:


> Protect Social Networking sites from being hacked
> Protect Email accounts from being hacked
> Protect websites from attack
> Protect financial accounts from being breached
> Defend home networks
> Defend office networks
> Protect wireless networks
> Harden physical home defenses
> Harden Laptops & PCs
> Secure mobile / tablet devices


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