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Ethical Hacking assists businesses to safely identify vulnerabilities before attackers exploit them.



Ethical Hacking, also known as penetration testing, assists small businesses to assess the security of their Internet facing networks by safely identifying vulnerabilities before they are attacked. Our highly skilled security consultants use real-world attack scenarios to safely demonstrate how attackers can gain access to sensitive data, deface systems, and bring down servers, all of which can lead to significant loss to your business both financialy and reputationaly.


Our IT Consultants can perform ethical hacking to secure your network security and data. With the proper IT service, IT support and IT consulting Trojan Horse security can protect you, from a hack or cyber attack.


During ethical hacking, our security consultants will conduct covert activities typical of an attackers attempts to compromise servers, and attempt to gain access to sensitive information. The testing is conducted in a safe and controlled exercise that is completely pre-authorized by you, before an un-authorized attacker gets
into your servers, causing you great loss.

Our ethical hacking not only helps you test and protect yourself before an attacker arrives, it can also help to achieve and maintain regulatory compliance such as PCI - DSS, SOX and HIPAA.

We serve all industries and size of companies. Whether you are a Fortune 500 or an SME; if you receive Personal Identifiable Information (PII), or want to protect your assets and secrets, we are here to test your security, before an attacker puts you in tomorrow’s news headlines.


At the conclusion of the test, you will receive a detailed matrix of the vulnerabilities discovered and / or a certificate of security. As an extra service our consultants are able to work with your IT staff to remediate any findings to secure your systems. Trojan Horse Security is also able to offer a Virtual CISO (Virtual Chief Information Security Officer) to guide the security of your business as both a retained service and on-demand.



We only employ leading industry experts with extensive testing experience. All of our consultants have at least 10 years experience and have the well-recognized security certification, the CISSP. Our consultants conduct safe, high quality technical testing and use only manual penetration techniques. Our technical testing is not a mere security scan of your network. All technical testing is manually carried out according to the industries best practices. Our consultants are also experts at building infiltration
and have managed to infiltrate top, high security facilities. They are able to demonstrate how buildings can be infiltrated by an attacker and offer clients significant recommendation for improving any physical security plan.

Either click below to purchase this service or contact us today for a free consultation to learn how we can help you find where your vulnerabilities really are - before an attacker helps themselves to your assets.

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