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Security solutions provided by Enterprise Security Services are designed to ensure the protection of the diverse enterprise. Information security risk is managed by leading intellectual property that provides you business intelligence and the ability to integrate security operations. You can achieve better results from Trojan Horse Security’s proactive approach to information security that optimizes your investment and improves your security standing.


Protecting what matters


By securely opening your enterprise, you can be more competitive while feeling confident that you are protecting what matters.


Security Services to keep you in Control


With services that span all parts of the security spectrum along with 24/7 Global Cyber Security Centers and online management tools, you can keep your business functioning effectively while constantly staying in control. 


Security Breach Management Solutions


In today’s world, security breaches are inevitable and how you respond can have a large impact on your enterprise success. The security breach management solutions offered by Trojan Horse Security are designed to help you recover quickly and keep you business running as smoothly as possible. 


Security Consulting Services


Our consultants create a strategy that works for you, providing you with the expert knowledge and tools you need to be maintain an effectively running, competitive business.


Security Governance Service


With our expertise and resources, we can help you get the most out of your budget while at the same time producing desirable results. By combining security risk, intelligence, and operations, we can help your business run smoothly and effectively.


Supplier Security Management Solution


Sharing enterprise information among your suppliers increases the risk of security breach. Therefore, we help establish procedures for an ideal end-to-end approach that allows you to manage your supply chain governance and compliance risk.

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