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A Corporate Security Assessment analyzes and discovers all the risks that pose a threat to your corporation.



The threats that confront your business are constantly evolving and increasing in their complexity. Our consultants are skilled at analyzing corporate security programs to discover gaps, exploitable vulnerabilities and areas for improvement. Our consultants are able to offer concrete recommendations for accepting, reducing or transferring risk. The ultimate goal of our Corporate Security Assessment is to help identify the vulnerabilities that can put critical data at risk and cause downtime in your operations.


The Corporate Security Assessment can help you to:

> Discover where risks exists that may compromise your corporate assets
> Recommend cost-effective solutions to mitigate and prevent a breach in security
> Prioritize and set risk thresholds
> Assess your current security program
> Evaluate risk management tactics
> Move from a reactive security posture to a proactive one prevent breach
> Demonstrate due diligence
> Understand how best to protect your business

A Corporate Security Assessment helps businesses discover and evaluate technical, administrative and physical risks. The Corporate Security Assessment is tailored to meet each client’s specific needs and may include:

> Vulnerability testing of your networks and systems
> System configuration reviews
> Network architecture reviews
> Reviews of policies and procedures
> Interviews with your key staff
> Physical security reviews
> Review of administrative security

Trojan Horse’s Corporate Security Assessment helps businesses to identify and evaluate risk across the organization. To assist you to prioritize and deliver a business case for  mitigation, a full report is provided detailing each vulnerability, its risk level, the business impact, customized recommendations
and remediation effort. Meaningful metrics are also delivered that can provide added insight into the security readiness of your environment. These can be leveraged to give insight to management on the current state of security and can be utilized over a multi-year program to deliver cost justification for
security expenditure.

Contact us today for a free consultation to learn how we can help you find where your vulnerabilities really are - before an attacker helps themselves.

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