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In these modern times, information is at the center of the rapidly evolving enterprise. There has been a major increase in the amount of information as well as its variety and vulnerability that together, is transforming the core of businesses and governments. Because of this, a new definition of ROI, Return on Information, will help organizations achieve a better, more efficient return from all their information assets.


With software that provides insights 1,000 times faster, Trojan Horse Security is allowing companies with the most complex information to make sense of the large amounts of data.

Most Efficient Return  


Trojan Horse Security's superior approach provides the most efficient Return on Information; this allows you to leverage the entire amount of relevant information and monetize it regardless of the format. Whether structured, unstructured or semi-structured, Trojan Horse Security’s approach is based purely on value.


Designed for Big Data


Trojan Horse Security has a wide array of benchmark-performance technologies that were built to meet individual workloads along with the varied amount and variety of data. The Big Data solutions that are offered by Trojan Horse Security bring top technology that allows for the best economics and experience.


Expertise to meet your needs


Trojan Horse Security provides the expertise to match a solution to your business goals. You can begin at any point, validating your investments and continuing with the delivery model of your choice. Trojan Horse Security has the resources and experience to deliver either via cloud or on-site in order to meet your needs.


Trojan Horse Security’s vast and flexible portfolio is structured on open-source standards and aimed at leveraging an effective partner environment. There are a variety of models at your disposal that are aimed to meet your needs.


Infrastructure: Technologies to enable the infrastructure to capture, store, replicate, and scale information at the necessary speed.


Management: Innovations to provide an integrated, single-solution model.  Allowing for reliable and cost-effective deployments, these technologies enable you to manage, secure, govern, and leverage information easily and effectively.


Insight: Technologies to provide insights that enable you to react faster, helping ensure that the entire amount of information can be used.


Services: Trojan Horse Security’s variety of services allows you to start at any point, whether with scalable structured analytics and efficient insight or unstructured (or semi-structured) data.



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