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24/7 Cyber Intelligence Threat Monitoring And Response Services

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Sophisticated cyber-espionage operations aimed at

pilfering trade secrets and other sensitive data from

corporate networks currently present the biggest

threat to businesses. Advanced threat actors

ranging from nation-state adversaries to organized

cyber-crime gangs are using zero-day exploits,

customized malware toolkits and clever social

engineering tricks to break into corporate networks,

avoid detection, and steal valuable information over

an extended period of time.




The term APT, which stands for Advanced Persistent Threat,

is a computer network attack that allows an adversary

(usually a highly skilled and well-funded hacking group) to

gain access to a network and stay there undetected over an

extended period.


These threat actors use a cocktail of spear-phishing attacks,

zero-day exploits, SQL-injection techniques, customized

malware, drive-by downloads and clever social engineering

to hack into computer systems. Once a machine is

compromised, APT groups use sophisticated network tools to

burrow deep into a corporate network and maintain

persistence over a period of time before finding valuable

data to hijack and transmit to command-and-control servers

around the world.


Examples of successful APT attacks litter the news

landscape with victims ranging from Lockheed Martin, SONY,

Google, Adobe and RSA to highly classified government and

diplomatic institutions around the world. However, it’s

important for businesses of every size to understand that

the tools and capabilities used by well-funded APT groups

are being used by cyber-criminal gangs and the majority of

these network breaches are never publicly reported.


Trojan Horse Security understands these challenges and they’ve addressed

the challenges of the resources and headaches required to provide security

services for their clients. Their single goal is ensuring the utmost in

protection around the clock, and at the same time assist businesses in their

regulatory compliance efforts.


Trojan Horse Security’s continuous cyber-threat monitoring services help to

reduce risk and aid in compliance by collecting real-time log, performance

and configuration data from the devices on a network, 24/7. Then,

advanced cloud-based SIEM technology is applied to identify threats and

suspicious activity. Within a state-of-the-art SOC, Advanced Security

Engineers will evaluate each alert, eliminate false positives, investigate

security incidents and respond to cyber-threats targeting your organization.

It’s this highly-skilled “Human Element” that is often missing from other

providers’ solutions.

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